If you’re looking for a quality home theater system without spending a lot, Energy Take Classic 5.1 is the right product. The Energy speakers are very solidly built and look enormous. The sounds at low and high volumes are clean. The subwoofer is more than accomplished for a mid-sized room and the bass is cleaner.

Energy Take Classic 5.1 Home Theater System is a no-compromise collection of high-tech components that offer complete and uncompromising fidelity at an affordable price. It is easy to connect, attractive and sound great. Made up of four Take satellite speakers, a Take center channel speaker and one 200-watt Take powered subwoofer, each high-gloss black speaker component in this system is masterfully integrated with each other creating a killer sound that is much bigger than it looks and that seamlessly meshes with any flat panel HDTV system.

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Energy Take Classic 5.1  Features

energy take classic 5.1 videoFlat On-Axis Frequency Response with Wide Bandwidth

Speakers should recreate the full audio range in a uniform manner. By promising that no one frequency dominates any other, Energy Take Classic 5.1 promises that each note is the way it was intended to be-and the sound as natural as possible.

Convergent Source Module
The Convergent Source Module, or CSM, delivers wide dispersion, low distortion and incredible midrange performance. The Energy 5.1 Take Classic System speaker’s midrange and tweeter are located in close proximity to one another and represent as a single source, as a result enhancing overall dispersion and lowering every lobing effect. The chambering of the mid and tweeter reduces the driver’s resonance, reduce distortion.

The Lowdown
Energy Take Classic 5.1 certifies that convenience doesn’t have to mean compromise. Sure, you can buy for separate home theater components-but you would not get better performance, or better looks. Integrating premier technologies Energy has to offer, the Energy Take Classic 5.1 will blow up your room with hair-rising effects and theater-like sound: hyperbolic aluminum dome tweeters for screaming highs, Convergent Source Modules for clear, crisp dialogue and music and a Ribbed Elliptical Surround on the subwoofer that pulls any explosion a room shaking affair. In addition, integrated keyhole wall-mounts, threaded inserts and rubber bumpers let you pick how and where to position your speakers.

Energy Take Classic 5.1 Review

For your reference, we have collect some review of  Energy Take Classic 5.1  from Amazon Customer who have experience using this product

By Richard – Incredible value for what you get

After reading many reviews we decided to get Energy 5.1 Take Classic Home Theater System to use in our home theater. The speakers are small, but the sound is incredible. Our media room is pretty large ’22 x ’15 so I wondered if the sound would fill up the room. No problems there. If we were to turn up the volume very much it could literally shake the walls during loud parts of movies like thunder or explosions etc. The depth of the sound surprises you looking at the size of the speakers as many have noted.

The overall sound quality was great for our needs and I really like how the bass sounds in this system. It has a real movie theater feel to it in our opinion. I also play regular music CDs’ through this system and they sound outstanding. We are not audiophiles, but the sound quality is plenty good for us.

We are using the speakers with a Pioneer VSX 821k receiver which works great with this speaker set. The bass speaker is set to the left front near the front left speaker. We view the screen about ’12 from the speakers. The results are excellent in our case.

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