For anyone who looks for an all-in-one solution to their home theater wants at great value,  just look at Energy 5.1 Take Classic System . The bass is deafening and responsive, the satellite speakers are sharp and clear, and the center channel is a beast that does all of the abovementioned. The proprietary technology of Energy 5.1 Take Classic System provides a dynamic frequency range and an extensive soundstage, resulting in smooth, realistic sound that comes from each satellite speaker as well as the center channel. Music and movie lovers can now exult because the Take Classic not only breathes.

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Energy 5.1 Take Classic System is a no-compromise collection of high-tech components—satellites, subwoofer and center channel—with all our best stuff packed inside great looking high-gloss black cabinets.

  • Packaged 5.1 home theater system
  • Compact speakers and subwoofer look great with contemporary flat panels
  • High-gloss black finish has high-tech look
  • Amazing deep bass from 200-watt subwoofer

Energy 5.1 Take Classic System Technical Specifications

  • Frequency Response – Sat: 115Hz-20KHz; Center: 110Hz-20KHz; Subwoofer: 33Hz-150Hz +/- 3dBEnergy 5.1 Take Classic System
  • Sensitivity – 89dB
  • Crossover Point – 2.9 kHz
  • Recommended Amplifier Power – 20 – 100 Watts RMS (continuous)
  • Power Handling – Sat & Center: 100 Watts; Subwoofer: 200 Watts
  • Tweeter – ¾-inch (19 mm) Hyperbolic™ aluminum-dome
  • Impedance – 8-ohm compatible
  • Subwoofer Variable Low Pass Filter – 40Hz-150Hz @ 18dB/octave
  • Woofer – Sat & Center: 3-inch poly-titanium; Sub: 8″ IM Cone with Patented Ribbed Elliptical Surround
  • Weight – Sat: 2.9 lbs; Center: 3.2 lbs; Subwoofer: 19.7 lbs
  • Dimensions (inches) – Sat: 6 7/8 x 4 1/8 x 4 1/8; Center: 4 1/8 x 10 1/4 x 4 1/8; Subwoofer: 12 5/8 x 12 5/8 x 12 5/8 (add 2 1/6″ for feet)

Energy 5.1 Take Classic System Review

You can learn some of Energy 5.1 Take Classic System Review below. They are real customers who buy this product from Amazon.

By James T – Surpassed Expectations

Purchased the Energy 5.1 Take Classic System in August of this year and am extremely impressed with its performance.

I should preface this review by disclosing that I am a heavy researcher, my wife says bordering on compulsive. Whenever I am considering a large purchase I plot and plan for weeks, scouring reviews and forums pertaining to whatever product it is I’m interested in. My aim in this research is to get the best possible value for my money. Essentially I really like nice “stuff.” After enduring roughly two years of shallow, boxy sounds emitted from my Samsung home theatre in a box, I decided it was time to kick it to the curb. I wanted a system offering rich, full sound to complement the picture of my TV. And the researching commenced. . .

I initially heard about the Energy 5.1 Take Classic system from a cursory browsing of CNET. Being a Amazon Prime fanatic, the Amazon reviews were the obvious next step in the process. Five stars with so many reviews? I was confused. I decided to cross reference several different website’s reviews looking for bias. After not finding any such thing, similar products were scrutinized in the same manner. Obviously, I ended up going with Energy–which was actually my initial choice anyways.

With the speakers I purchased and paired the Pioneer VSK-1021K receiver, which I’m also very pleased with. Other system components include: 12 gauge speaker wire, high quality HDMI and subwoofer cables and the Atlantic Satellite speaker stands for the fronts.

I must admit I was initially a little underwhelmed with the performance of the Energy Take Classic 5.1 speakers. I had spent several hours cleanly running all the cables into the attic, under carpet and connecting everything to the receiver via banana plugs; why didn’t it sound better? I listened to all matter of media over the course of the next few weeks; adjusting speaker levels, auto calibrating everything and generally fretting. Yet still, the Energy Take Classic 5.1 sound was tinny. Disconcertingly so with female vocalists, which would produce a shrill sound from the tweeter resembling static. I read on Energy’s website that there was a “break in period” that must be followed. I decided to leave music, tv, etc. playing throughout the day in order to break them in before my return period expired (a course of action I was seriously considering.) However, as the hours of play time wore on I started to notice a change in the sound stage emitted from the speakers. The room was starting to be filled with increasingly rich sound.

After several months of the usage I am blown away by the performance of these speakers. They are now incredibly warm when playing music and the aforementioned “problem tweeters” resonate with a silkiness previously inconceivable. They excel in cinema watching as well producing good bass response and a well-balanced center channel. The subwoofer, although small, is well paired with the system producing clear and concise lows. None of this overpowering, floppy and out-of-sync bass commonly experienced with larger $200-500 subwoofers.

For the size of my living room (roughly 15×20) these speakers fill the room with sound quite impressively.

As many other reviewers have noted, the binding plugs won’t accept banana plugs; although the posts themselves crimp quite well on the speaker wire–so not a worry to me. Another point I’ll echo from some of the reviewers is the importance of setting up your receiver properly. Set the speaker size to “small” and crossover around 100-110HZ if not auto calibrating. As a matter of preference I have the subwoofer crossover set at 130HZ and volume around 80%.

Being a connoisseur of good value I’ll say overall I’m very impressed with this Energy 5.1 Take Classic System . It rivals speaker systems in the $1500 range, as I’ve witnessed on several occasions. If you pair it with a GOOD receiver and observe proper break-in you will not be disappointed.


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